May 18 , 2020 Lectures by senior management of World Bank

Thanks to the collaboration from Prof.Hiroshi Naka of the Institute of Future Initiatives, University of Tokyo, the following 5 lectures by the World Bank Senior staff is opened for the students at Kyoto University. They give lectures from Washington DC or Tashkent through Webex. The lectures cover development projects in East, Central and South Asia, operational challenges, and treasury operations.
The target audience is those who are interested in working for the World Bank and/or learning about the mission and work on the ground of the multilateral development banks.
・Lectures will be given in English.
・You can apply all or only for the lecture you are interested in.

For those interested in joining the 1st lecture on May 22, Please email application to the person in charge, Shodai Yanagimoto by May 20 at PM5:00, mentioning “1st Seminar participation” on the subject line, and sharing the name and student number in the content. The registration for the 2nd lecture onwards will follow in due course.
yanagimoto.shodai.6m* change * to @.)
・Webex invitation will be sent to your E mail account at least one day before the lecture.
・You can join by the presenting link.

For those interested in joining from the 3rd lecturer(June 5) , please write down your name and student No. and send it through E mail to the person in charge, Shodai Yanagimoto by 5:00PM of the day before the lecture. Please mention “application for the 3rd(or 4th, 5th) seminar” as a title. Since information about the next lecture will be sent to those who applied, no need to send email application every time.
●Application: yanagimoto.shodai.6m* (Please change * to @)
・Webex invitation will be sent to your account at least one day before the lecture.
・You can join by clicking the link of invitation.

*Since the planned lectures are currently very busy to address issues caused by the neo corona virus, schedules or lecturers maybe subject to sudden changes.
We’ll let you know that by E mail.

1st.lecture: 8:30am-10:15am, Friday, May 22
[Treasury Operations and Financial sustainability of the World Bank] by Jingdong Hua, Vice President and Treasurer, World Bank

2nd lecture: 8:30am-10:15am, Friday, May 29
[Operations in South Asia Region] by Hartwig Schafer, Vice President, South Asia Region, World Bank

3rd lecture: 6:45pm-8:30pm, Friday June 5 (please pay attention the time of this lecture is not the same as others)
[Case Study: Operations in Uzbekistan] by Hideki Mori, Country Manager, Uzbekistan, World Bank

4th lecture: 8:30am-10:15am, Friday June 19
[World Bank operation in Human Development area, including the support related Corvid 19] by Annette Dixon, Vice President for Human Development, World Bank

5th lecture 8:30am-10:15am, Friday, June 26
[The World Bank: Helping countries Achieve Development Results and Impact in Challenging Environments] by Manuela V. Ferro, Vice President, OPCS(Operations Policy and country Service), World Bank



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