August 17 to 25, 2020 Emergency Management Basic 2020 by Associate Professor Maki Fukami and other experts

Associate Professor Maki Fukami gave a lecture titled “Emergency Management Basic 2020”

and explained the definition, concept, history etc. of emergency management.

We also invited  lecturers who are expert, well experienced of Emergency Management.

They lectured case study CVID-19 of each country.

Students were given  group work assignment.  Each group thought the strategy

against COVID-19 and gave presentation on it.

Students could learn importance of strong teamwork for emergency management through this assignment.

Students took examination to get  FEMA certification as a last class.

This class was given under special style, on-line but it was highly satisfied and significant

due to efforts by lecturers and passions by students.

(Guest lecturers)

Dr.Ambika Bumb, Advisor of Crisis Management/Strategy to Secretary of State, USA

“Case Study COVID-19 Overview”

Mr.Bob Jensen, The former Assistant Press Secretary of White House/Senior Managing Director,STRAT3 LLC

“Case Study COVID-19 in USA”

Mr.Victor Bai, Asia President of International Association of Emergency Managers

“Case Study COVID-19 in China”

Mr.Tswen Juh, Gu, The former Command Captain of the Republic of Chaina Nay

“Case Study COVID-19 in Taiwan”

Mr. Lip Heng Chew, Head Operations Control, Singapore Red Cross

“Case Study COVID-19 in Singapore”

Ms.Frances Veasey, Principal Analyst, Analytic Service Inc

“Case Study COVID-19 in Vietnam