Dec.16,2020-Jan.15,2021 “Project & Career Management at Global Development Banks”by Associate Professor Akiko Murai

Associate Professor Akiko Murai gave a lecture titled

“Project & Career Management at Global Development Banks”

We  invited  lecturers who are(were) expert, well experienced

in the World Bank Group.

and explained the role, mission, corporate culture of the

Multilateral Development Banks.

“Culture Active” tool was used to identify own culture style and learn to

improve communication, performance within multicultural teams. etc.

Lecture about talent, carrier management need for Multilateral Development Bank

was given in the latter half of lectures and had an active discussion.

Every student experienced mock interview to be based on the

actual job opening description.

(Guest lecturers)

Mr. Hideki Mori, Operation Manager for India, The World Bank

Ms. Keiko Sato, Former Portfolio Manager, The World Bank