“Emergency Management Basic 2021” has been started(〜6th)

Lecture “Emergency Management Basic 2021″ by Associate Professor Maki Fukami has started.

This course offers an opportunity to learn how to manage and handle emergency – difficult situation as a collective effort. Based on American Emergency Management system, students will learn about how US developed their disaster management, how different from military activities or counter terrorism, other countries disaster management besides US, what kind of skills are required to be a great leader under emergencies, what type of international collaboration is going on etc. At the end of the course, you will receive the certificate from Federal Emergency Management Agency regarding ICS course completion if you are successful enough.

First session:April 9 Introduction – what’s Emergency Management

Second session: April 16 Politics & Management: Leadership
Guest lecturer : Janet Benini

Third session: April 23 Incident Command System Review
Case Study Introduction

4th session: April 30 Attendance 15/17
Covid Case : Vietnam

5th session: May 7 Covid case : Singapore

6th session: May 14 Covid case : Taiwan