October 5,2021 “Social innovation case study analysis” has started

The second semester lecture “Social Innovation Case Study Analysis” started on Tuesday 5th October in the second period.

In the first session, associate professor Akiko Murai explained the purpose and outline of the class, and in the second half, she explained “What is social innovation? And why now? / What are the examples? In the second half, there was a group discussion on the theme of “What is social innovation?

In the second half of the lecture, there was a group discussion on “What is social innovation? The aim is to gain a bird’s eye view of social innovation in Japan from the perspectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), ESG investment, the role of the media and the business ecosystem. We will analyse case studies of the impact of changes in each individual’s awareness of social and environmental issues and governance in multi-stakeholder groups such as consumers, investors, entrepreneurs and employees on the behavioural patterns of various organisations, including companies, local governments and governments. We will also look at the diversity of organisations and individuals, and explore how to create an environment that spurs social innovation, and deepen our awareness of the impact that behaviour and management at each organisational level can have on society.