October 19 26,2021 “Social Innovation Case Study Analysis”

On Tuesday 19 October, Associate Professor Akiko Murai gave a lecture on “What are the SDGs? The current status and future of the SDGs”.

On Tuesday 26 October, we had a face-to-face class for the first time this term.
On Tuesday, October 26, for the first time this term, we had a face-to-face class, where visiting associate professor Akiko Murai and researcher Odahiro Shibumoto conducted the exercise “SDGs Game”.

The “2030 SDG Game” is a simulation of what our world will be like in 2030.
At the beginning, each team draws a goal card and executes a project (managing the card) using money cards and time cards, aiming to achieve the goal.
In addition, each team’s project will be reflected in the world situation meter, which will show the final result of the economic, environmental and social situation. This time, most of the teams achieved their goals and scored well on the world situation meter.
It was a very lively exercise, with teams sitting down to develop strategies and negotiate card swaps between teams.