November 2,2021 “Social Innovation Case Study Analysis”

Mr. Mitsuharu Terayama, Chairman of Asahi Holdings, Inc. gave a special lecture on “Founding a Company in a Recycling-Oriented Society” in the second period of “Social Innovation Case Study Analysis” on Tuesday, 2nd November at the Hybrid.

Asahi Holdings, Ltd. is a company that consists of two pillars, “Precious Metals Business” and “Environmental Conservation Business”.

In this lecture, he talked about Asahi Holdings and the recycling society, the history of the company and Mr. Terayama’s experience in founding the company, and the mindset required for entrepreneurs. He also introduced the “Asahi Way”, a set of values to be shared by employees, including the company’s beliefs, what the company values as a company, what the company adheres to as employees, and action guidelines, and how the company, as individuals, is working to protect nature and resources for society and to achieve both economic and social value.

The lecture was very broad and meaningful, covering everything from environmental issues to management.