November 1and15,2021 “Project & Career Management at Global Development Banks”

On Monday 1 and 15 November, lectures 5-8 of “Project & Career Management at Global Development Banks” were held in the Hybrid on 2nd and 3rd periods.

On November 1st, Ms. Keiko Sato, a lecturer at the Vietnam University of Foreign Trade and former World Bank Portfolio Manager for Vietnam, gave a lecture on “Country Partnership Framework”. The course provided participants with an understanding of the World Bank’s key operational frameworks for working with client countries.
The class concluded with a group project on World Bank-supported projects in Vietnam.

On November 15th, Associate Professor Akiko Murai gave a lecture on “Talent at MDB① and on Diversity” and three teams reported on their previous assignments.
The first group covered poverty issues with a regional approach, the second group focused on the major impacts and the third group tackled the most difficult issue: governance.

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