2022.8.5 Kyoto University MBA SDGs Conference Related Event – SDGs Leadership Award 2022

Date:August 05, 2022 Friday 13:15 〜 14:45

【Eligible Person】
GSM students

Kyoto University Graduate School of Management (GSM) is pleased to announce the establishment of the SDGs Award (Kyoto University GSM SDGs Leadership Award). This award is a system to recognize SDG-related practical and research activities in which students or graduates of the GSM are participating. For more information on the awards, please visit the web site.

This event is related to the above awards. In addition to an explanation of the purpose of the awards, students, faculty, and staff will introduce their “SDG-related practices and research” in the form of poster presentations and comment on each other’s work.

Target Activities for poster presentations are not only “Research Activities” as in the so-called academic conferences, but we are looking for presentations of both of the following.
◎Practical activities related to the SDGs (business, educational activities, etc.)
◎Research activities related to the SDGs
Please feel free to apply.

Posters presented at the event will also be posted online in PDF format for approximately one week.


Large seminar room 1

Participation fee

Those who wish to (A)present a poster or (B)participate in the event only must register in advance. The deadline for registration is 23:59, Wednesday, August 3, 2022.

Please inform the person in charge of the following information (1) to (3) by e-mail.
(1) Participation Category: poster presentation / only participate in the event
(2) Name
(3) Email address

Contact: Haruna Takata (Endowed Chair in Art, Communication Design and Organizational Management)
Email: takata.haruna.2x *kyoto-u.ac.jp (Change * to @ )

●For those who wish to make a poster presentation
Please prepare the following three items (1) to (3). Details will be sent to you after registration.

(1) Prepare and print your poster
– Please prepare and bring the original poster for your presentation. (The secretariat will not print posters.)
– Either a single large poster or multiple sheets of A4 size paper may be attached to the poster.

(2) Submission of PDF data of your poster in advance
– Poster presentations will be made in person, but PDF data of your poster will be posted online. (The posting period will be about one week.)
– The deadline for data submission is scheduled for noon on Thursday, August 4, 2022.

(3) Posters must be displayed by the event start time.
– Poster presentations are scheduled to begin at 1:15 p.m. on Friday, August 5, 2022. Please make sure to have your poster posted at the venue by the start time.

Haruna Takata (Endowed Chair in Art, Communication Design and Organizational Management)
Email: takata.haruna.2x *kyoto-u.ac.jp (Change * to @ )
Art, Communication Design and Organizational Management

Applications for the SDG Leadership Award 2022 will be accepted through Thursday, August 11.
The award itself, as well as the poster presentation for this event, will accept the following two categories.
(A) SDGs Project Award
(B) SDGs Research Award
Those who have made a poster presentation at this event can apply for the awards by preparing a simple document (2-3 pages of A4 paper), so please apply for these as well!

SDGs Leadership Award 2022

【Supporting Endowed Chair】
Mizuho Securities Endowment (Corporate Finance & Capital Markets)
Global Social Entrepreneurship
Sysmex Endowed Chair
SHIFT Endowed Chair