2022.11.1 /15 “Social Innovation Case Study Analysis” 5th/6th class was held

On Wednesday, November 1, 2022, during 2nd period, the 5th class of “Social Innovation Case Analysis” was held on Zoom online.
In this class, under the guidance of specially appointed professor Takeshi Yamawaki
Three students interviewed Ms. Airi Horie, CEO of Women’s Startup Lab, on behalf of the class.
Ms. Horie is a female entrepreneur who runs an accelerator in Silicon Valley, U.S.A., that provides camp-based training and support programs specializing in the development of women entrepreneurs, and was selected as one of CNN’s “10 Visionary Women”.By class in two weeks, the students will have this interview written up in an article!

On Wednesday, November 15, 2022, during 2nd period, the 6th class of “Social Innovation Case Study Analysis” was held on Zoom online.
In this class, the students reviewed the previous interviews under the guidance of Professor Takeshi Yamawaki, Special Assignment Professor. There was a discussion on the interview articles written by the three students who conducted the interviews, including feedback from Professor Yamawaki and impressions from other students.