2022.12.6 “Social Innovation Case Study Analysis” 8th class was held

On Tuesday, December 6, 2022, during 2nd period, the 8th lecture of the second semester class “Social Innovation Case Study Analysis” was held via Zoom.
The founder of this endowed course, Professor Yuko Kunoh, delivered the lecture from Washington, D.C.
Theme: Think like you jump, prove like you crawl! Ecosystems where social impact is generated
He talked about his career path from a scientist to a biotech entrepreneur to the establishment of an incubator, as well as a wide range of topics such as what kind of person is required in the 21st century and his future life. After questions from the students, he concluded his talk with the following message.
No one knows what the future holds! The world is big, life is long. Think Big, Step Small.