Yoshinori Hara

Dean, Graduate School of Management  

Professor, Graduate School of Management

Specialized Fields

Service Innovation, Information Literacy Innovation, Design Innovation, Open Innovation


Service Innovation Management, Service Modeling & Applying Strategy, Managing Innovation: From R&D towards New Business Development, Innovation Management Workshop, Case Analysis on Social Innovation, Service & Hospitality Workshop, etc.


We recognize various issues in innovation management, seek to provide new solutions for these issues, and apply them to new frontiers.   Innovation is defined as a new combination of technology evolution and market insight to create social and economic values. We support human resource development by considering individual characteristics and preferences, through the process of innovation studies. By accelerating collaboration with other research organizations, we intend to enhance the frameworks of innovation governance models, new mindsets, and evaluation methods for intangible assets, including information and service, etc., in order to expand our core competences for innovation.

The reasons for conducting education and research on innovation in Japan are that we are facing (a)demographic change through a declining birthrate and a growing proportion of the elderly, (b) limitations in the natural resources and energy available to sustain our society, and (c) globalization based on the progress of information and communication technologies. We believe that innovation management is one of the most important solutions to the problems in our current and future circumstances of sustaining economic growth and a harmonious society.

Hara Laboratory